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We have the most advanced and effective solutions to remove arrest information and mugshots from websites, social media and search engines.

Mugshot Removal from any state on a mugshot website such as, as well as the associated Google Link, Google Mugshot, and Arrest Details.

We Have Provided Mugshot Removal Services to over 13,500 individuals in the United States alone. Our team has developed the most complete and comprehensive service to erase criminal records from 231 background check websites like Instant Checkmate, Radaris, and to name a few.

Details from past arrests and especially mugshot booking photos found on Google when people search for your name is probably costing you far more than you think.

From inability to obtain employment, to lost friendships and missed relationships that might have otherwise existed had your "would be" date not entered your name on Google and found a mugshot on Google Images, or a news article linking to a past arrest.

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A bit about Remove Your Mugshot

The mugshot industry first got its start in Florida, when a man named Rob Wiggin created an elaborate computer program that would populate his website ( with the arrest records from around the state. Since then has grown into multiple websites to include many states, which combined, are now a dominant force in the industry and removing information from these sites remains difficult.

The real problem begins when other mugshot websites get their information (your arrest record) from Once your arrest record and mugshot are listed on any of the websites, it begins a rapid progression onto Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and other search engines as well.

The longer you leave your personal information on the more likely it is that your reputation situation, at least so far as the internet is concerned, becomes uncontrollable.

In fact, arrest reports and mugshot photos that are not properly addressed with a suitable removal approach can linger online, floating from arrest database to arrest database to mugshot image gallery to arrest articles news sites, for years. In severe mugshot reputation repair cases such as this, the reputational damage is lasting, and the damage to the web presence of the person whose arrest ends up all over the internet nearly irreversible.

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The founder of RemoveYourMugshot started this website because he was in your shoes. He had lost a job and several clients because of his mug shot on Even though he was never convicted of the charge in court, his arrest was all over Google Searches. Through exhaustive trial and error research RemoveYourMugshot can now provide a service to you with what has been learned.

As you can see it is extremely important to remove your information from the databases so it is not propagated throughout the internet like a virus that cannot be contained. That is where RemoveYourMugshot comes in.

Affordable Mugshot Removal

Many other mugshot removal companies charge astronomical fees for their services. At RemoveYourMugshot, we believe in helping people like you by providing an affordable approach to the problem. Our fees are affordable for a single Mugshot Removal, and get substantially less expensive if you have multiple mugshots that need removal.

We are here to help you. You need this resolved NOW! Do not wait any longer!

Online Mugshot Removal FAQ

Are mugshots public record?

Yes, arrest information and booking photos are considered public records under United States law.

Is it legal for mugshot sites like to publish my mugshot online?

Because police reports, arrest information and mugshot photos are considered public record, and publishing public records to the web is not against the law, mugshot websites and arrest record search engines are not breaking any laws, and are in fact operating in full compliance with State and federal laws. Hence, admins of websites such as,, and the below listed sites, which routinely publish police blotter and booking photos of inmates are acting within their legal right to collect and display the public arrest information and booking photos of inmates and arrestees detained in the U.S.

From what sites can public records, such as arrest information and mugshot images, be removed?

Our mugshot removal services are the most comprehensive in the industry. We're now able to guarantee complete removal of arrest mugshots and police records from over 234 websites and counting, plus all conventional web search engines.

Why are some mugshots not made pubic online?

Whether your arrest mugshot ends up published on the internet or not depends largely on where your arrest took place.

Where are mugshots published?

Listed below are some police blotter, mugshot gallery and arrest news sites we have developed proven strategies to remove mugshots and arrest content from for our clients.

Websites your mugshot might be published on

  • - Publish mugshots and arrest records for nearly a decade, collects arrest mugshots from police and jail databases in 44 states to make the records searchable on, and easy to find on Bing, Google and other search engines.




  • Jailedd.Info


  • Mugshots.Zone

  • - Concentrating on arrests taking place in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee, has over 118,000 public mugshot records published on its website.

  • - Covering arrests taking place in 35 U.S. States, pulls mugshots from public records databases across the United States to make the mugshot records searchable and easy to find online.


  • - Website no longer active as of November 17, 2021.



  • (US Bondsmen HQ) - Website no longer active as of November 17, 2021.

View more mugshot websites here


The Remove Your Mugshot Difference

At RemoveYourMugshot, we do things a bit different, and a bit better than other reputation repair mugshot removal companies. now offer the most trusted and best priced mugshot removal service that is guaranteed for the complete and permanent removal of booking photos, police reports and other arrest associated content from 235+ websites, including those listed above.

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